Monday, August 1, 2011

Make Your Next Big Financial Move: Sell Your Land Fast

Are you concerned about our country’s economic issues? A little rattled by what’s going on in Washington? Maybe, you’re still reeling from our President’s most recent address to the nation about the details of our debt. Well, the truth is, you wouldn’t be alone if what you’ve recently learned has caused you to be more concerned about your financial future and that of your loved ones.

Like millions of Americans, you’re probably motivated to secure your tomorrow, your next month, and your next year more than you’ve ever been. And whether you’re driven by the state of the economy or you’re simply buckling down and doing what your father taught you to do, you’re on the right path. If you’re looking for an idea on how to grow your finances and the capital to do it, take a look at what some are already doing.

Begin to Build an Investment Portfolio
These days, you don’t have to be an advanced day trader to build a wealthy investment portfolio. Online financial websites like E*Trade and Scottrade, for example, offer the convenience and affordability of online investing in the stock market, mutual funds, bonds, etc. Most sites like these will provide you with valuable information regarding planning and implementing your financial goals; even, retirement goals. And, with those things said, you’re probably wondering where you would find the money outside of your current budget to do that. Well, a growing practice among people is the gathering up and selling of extra assets that aren’t being put to use. That could include a hot rod that you no longer pay any attention to, a jewelry box full of unworn gold and gems, or an empty lot on a well-traveled rural road. If you’re truly looking to gain capital for the greater good of your future, you can sell your hotrod to someone who would love and care for it, sell your jewels to a vintage loving bride-to-be, and sell your land to a private land investor.

Truly, if you listed your hot rod for sale in the classifieds section of the newspaper, it would probably sell in a flash. There’s a chance that your jewelry would surely be hot stuff on Ebay. And a good private land investor, like Lucas Properties LLC, could make you a quick offer on your raw land. Most private land investors offer 5% to 25% of the fair market value of raw land; but, Lucas Properties LLC also offers to pay your liens, property taxes, and closing costs. Also, with a guaranteed closing of seven days or less, you’ll have cash—CAPITAL—in your hand in no time. Go ahead. Make your next move towards a secure financial future.

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