Monday, July 25, 2011

Put Cash In Your Hand...In Seven Days!

Hey, there. Yes. You! Why are you holding onto your raw land? Of course, you don’t know why. You’re not exactly in the business of real estate. But, by virtue of inheritance or purchasing power, you own good, undeveloped, raw, unused land. In fact, the only souls using it are the ones that scurry across it to bury their winter stash of nuts. You’ve got a prize on your hands but, essentially, you’re probably thinking, “What I need is an increase in my wallet”. Well, we’ve all been there before. And since investors are focusing their scope on available land throughout the country, that puts you at a major advantage to be able to sell your land for cash.
It’s a tedious task for the average person to find the best potential buyer to sell their land to. And it can be scary entering into negotiations with someone who may be more educated in raw land exchanges than you are. That’s where a private land investor can be the most beneficial to you. A private land investor will buy your land from you and make it available to developers without you having to do any of the leg work. And because the assessment of your land to determine its value is the first thing that needs to be done, a private land investor will do a sales comparison of all the raw land in your area, and note comparables. When this is done, they will be able to offer you 5% to 25% of the fair market value of your land. (Consider that this is a very good profit weighed against the odds that you don’t plan on developing or using your land). After collecting all of your land’s data—physical characteristics, permitted uses, utility accessibility, proximity to businesses, etc.—they will also be able to help you complete the paperwork necessary to close the deal. And that means no hassle to you. Even, the cost of property taxes that you are responsible for, liens that you owe, and fees associated with closing will all be paid for on your behalf. Payments in cash are usually paid out within seven day’s time. Contact Lucas Properties LLC with your questions about raw land sales. They will answer your questions and ensure you of the benefits of choosing a private land investor.

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