Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Your Raw Land and How to Profit From It

The term ‘raw land’ is widely utilized in the real estate market to describe unused, undeveloped land. No, these two words together aren’t commonly used by the average buyer looking to purchase it or, even, by the average private seller looking to sell it. However, they are regularly used by private land investors whose job it is to turn lonely woodlands, for example, into quick, usable cash for the owner. It’s becoming a very popular and convenient practice for land owners to connect with private land investors who are expertly equipped in knowledge and in funds to purchase their land in a very small amount of time. You see, while most people use agents when they are looking to sell their home on the real estate market, in a somewhat similar fashion, people are ‘getting hip’ to selling to private land investors to make a profit off of their unused hunting grounds, farmlands, beach front and lake front properties, and vacant lots. One of the few major differences between hiring an agent to sell your land and, more simply, selling it to a private land investor is the saving of time. Have you ever heard someone say, “Hey, let’s cut out the middle man”? Well, in this case, listing your land for sale on the real estate market and receiving an offer on it takes time. And time is the middle man. Your best bet—if you’re looking to sell fast and profit fast—is to eliminate the time that it would take for you to sell your land the traditional way by, instead, connecting with Lucas Properties LLC.
Let’s talk about the convenience of this type of connection. First, the selling of land isn’t an area of expertise for many real estate agents. Their skills might be at an acceptable level at staging a home, and at an exemplary level at showing and selling it; however, describing and showcasing an empty lot just isn’t what most are used to. When the only thing to see for a few hundred or several thousands of feet are two playful squirrels or frolicking deer, you need an expert with the knowledge to take it off of your hands and put its riches in your pocket. Who is skilled in answering the questions that potential buyers have about supplying utilities to your undeveloped land? Who will be able to answer questions about zoning issues? Who will be able to explain the agricultural details of the area? An experienced land investor will know where to get this information.
In fact, most land investors can purchase your land from you almost immediately. And selling it? Well, that’s something that they’ll do when the proper buyer comes along, being able to match your land with the best buyer according to their needs. For you, this might mean that that’s one less thing that you have to worry about. It means that you get paid without the added wait. And it certainly means that you don’t have to pay commission to a real estate agent concerning the sale of your land—ever.
And, do you want added bonuses? Well, here they are: private land investors like Lucas Properties LLC will assess your land, offer you a cash payment of 5% to 20% of the fair market value for it, and schedule a closing within seven days time. And that’s on top of paying your back property taxes on the land, paying off liens that you owe on the land, covering closing costs, and covering all fees and expenses associated with the transaction. Don’t scratch your head about it—it’s a magnificent opportunity. Grab hold of it, today!

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