Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sell Your Land and Make Fast Cash

Today’s economy is unstable and everybody needs cash in hand for any emergency. Like many other resources, unused land can be used to generate cash. Since our population is growing day by day, the need for land is also growing for residential, commercial, religious and educational purposes.
Many people have inherited land and it has remained useless because they are not an investor or speculator or they have no plans for developing the property. You can easily make ready cash out of it. You can use the cash as emergency cash for future, to strengthen your retirement savings or pay for your child’s education. Or, you can pay off your mortgages and feel free from financial burdens.
In many cases, owning unused vacant land can become a financial hardship. You might even lose your land under uncertain circumstances if you would be unable to pay property taxes. Before it occurs, you should look for a good deal to sell your land and have some cash in your hand.
To sell your land, it is preferable that you sell the land by owner; you do not need to pay commissions to a realtor or MLS. Selling your land by owner is a far more profitable and flexible deal, although it might take a bit longer time. If you are going to sell your land by owner, you need to clean the land and make it accessible by providing a clean pathway which will make a good impression on the buyers.
If you sell your land by owner, you will have the flexibility with pricing the property. You can conduct market research and determine your land’s value. You do not need to worry about raising your price as you do not need to pay the realtors. If you are selling by owner, you are the one who makes decisions. Also you can let your clients negotiate.
If you need to sell your land by owner fast and for instant cash, you should look for a private buyer who will pay you instant money. You should know that they pay up to 10%-20% of the market value but you will get the money quickly and hassle free. Always investigate private buyers before you sign any paper work to be sure their business is legal.

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