Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Selling Farmland for Fast Cash

The story behind many family farms has changed over the years. Where once the farms were work well compensated, today’s family farms are troubled to compete with big businesses and mass production farms financed by major corporations. It is an ugly and sad story to our country’s history, but one that without global change will continue to plague our country’s final wide open spaces. And our family farms as well.
Today’s farm owners are forced to find new ways to make their family heirlooms more profitable and the one direction that most have to turn to is to either sell out to the big businesses that drove them under or to sell their farmland privately for fast cash. The second is the obvious more popular route as giving big business even more of the upper hand is less attractive after generations of hard work are left to dwindle.
Selling a farm or selling farmland for fast cash is not that much different than selling other residential or vacant land properties. It is a good idea to keep the property well maintained during the selling process. While you may not be able to grow crops in the fields, still keeping them plowed and easily navigable is going to help your final sale. Making sure your property boundaries are clearly marked will ease the sale of your farm as well. You can hire a professional survey company to do the property marking if you are unsure of corner posts and lines.
The future use of your farm land will need to be divulged to the buyer. Many farms are deeded with protected farmland rights which mean that the farmland cannot be used for development. Others who are selling farmland will not have such restrictions in the deed. For obvious reasons this information will be important to the buyer.
To determine a price when selling farmland you will need to do a market comparison or have the property professionally appraised. Knowing an appraisal value can help on many levels, but it is usually a pricey process. You can establish your own value by conducting a market comparison on similar properties in your area. If you are selling farmland that is allowed to be developed, be sure to check the value of building lots in your area and do the math to reach a final value for your acreage.
Unfortunately many farm owners are finding themselves in a good bit of debt during these tougher economic times. If you need to sell your farmland fast for cash, consider speaking with investors who pay up to 25% of market value on farmland properties. While you could get more on the traditional market, the time and investment it takes for such a sale levels the playing field to what investors have to offer. Most investors pay in cash, close in 7 days and provide hassle free closing with taxes, liens and titles paid.

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