Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Sell Raw Land

Raw land is land that is completely undeveloped with no existing water supply, sewer or septic system and most utilities have not yet been run to the property. Additionally, raw land generally has no existing structures. It is this truly basic nature of raw land that can make it a hard sell, if you are marketing in the wrong areas.
When you go about selling raw land on the traditional market you will first need to complete a survey on the property. A survey from when you first purchased the property will still be valid if there have been no changes made to the property or to surrounding properties. You will want to be sure that the perimeter and especially the corners of your property are clearly marked. You will also want to know the zoning of the parcel of raw land you plan to sell. You can obtain this by going to the zoning office with your parcel identification number. Any person buying raw land is going to want to know what they can use the land for, so keeping the zoning paperwork on hand is an excellent idea.
If you haven’t already, it would be beneficial to find out if city water and sewer are available for the property or if a septic and well will be required. If the later is required, you should consider investing in a perk test to make the property more marketable; provided that the results of the perk are positive. Another great document to have on hand when selling raw land is the current tax information for the property. Keep the most recent tax bill on hand for the buyer to have quick access.
There are several ways to sell raw land today, you can market the property yourself via ebay and craigslist or you can hire a professional real estate broker experienced in raw land sales to handle the marketing for you. The trouble with eBay and real estate brokers is that they charge a fee for their services and if you go with a broker, those fees are actually commissions which can run you a big percentage of your total sale price.
One way to sell raw land fast and in most cases for cash is to contact a real estate investor. Most investors or professional bird dogs can make a fair cash offer for your raw land and close in only a few short days. There is usually very little paperwork involved and most investors handle all the stressful stuff making it a truly hassle free process. There are many ways to sell raw land, you just need to find the one that works best for you.

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