Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sell The Farm-There is a Wedding to Plan!

There are a lot of stories behind why some people find that now, after many years, they are faced with selling land. Here is one of them…
Clyde Ranker grew up in the city. As a young boy, he loved going to his grandpa’s farm and always dreamed that someday he would live just like grandpa. Then Clyde went off to college and met the girl of your dreams, fell in love, got married and started a family. Somewhere along the way Clyde and his wife found a small plot of land and he was able to convince her to share in his dream of land ownership. So they bought the raw land, with dreams of building and moving the kids out to where they could enjoy the things that Clyde had enjoyed at his grandpa’s farm.
As is the case in many of the selling land stories we here, time passed for Clyde, his kids got older. There were sports and dance classes to be paid for; not to mention the expense of braces and cars and insurance. As time went on and the family grew older, there was less money to spare and even less time to be had.
Next thing Clyde and his wife knew, his kids have grown, the second was about to go off to college and another had announced a marriage in the spring. As parents, Clyde and Mary had thought they were putting money away in savings for these expenses, but last check there wasn’t enough there for wedding gowns and books both and Clyde was faced with a financially troubling situation.
Pulling from their 401k just wasn’t an option, not that there was much in it after the economy changes. There were no grandparents left to ask of and no magic money fairies waiting in the wings to help. Clyde had always been a hardworking family man and his wife worked as much as she could too, but they were stretched thin. Then they remembered the farm land they bought all those years ago.
Where once they had intended to take the whole family to this little slice of heaven, times changed and slipped away and a family place that piece of land would be no more. This is when Clyde and Mary decided to sell their land. The cash they made on the sale of their property helped them to keep the children’s education and the upcoming wedding to go on!
By selling your unused land, for cash, you restore the cushion that so many people lost during the most recent recession. Hard working people have been watching their pennies add up to nothing. The cost of living has been rising while the jobs have been falling. By selling your raw land for cash, you can help stay on track clear through to retirement and maybe even have a little leftover for a second honeymoon or romantic get-a-way.
In addition to the boost in income, selling your land for cash also comes with the added benefit of removing expenses, like yearly taxes, insurance and maintenance. In the end, Mary and Clyde were actually able to buy another piece of land, close to the grandkids, and Clyde was able to live out his dream as a Grandpa.

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