Sunday, October 31, 2010

Need Investment Dollar?!

Some people like to invest in stocks or even play the stock market as a hobby; a hobby that can land some cash. But your hobby also takes money too and when cash flow is tight you may need to focus your investing dollars somewhere else. Finding safe investments with any kind of return is next to impossible in the current economy except when you look into the world of real estate.

Hey! Remember that land that your grandparents left you and your brother? Granddad was a farmer and with all the summers you two spent there, he just knew you two would follow in his footsteps. Ends up though that neither one of you have any desire to put on boots and overalls again. Just not your thing anymore, or at least not for now that it is.

So why hang on to it? There are real estate investors out there looking for land just like that and will pay you cash. That is cash that you can call up your stockbroker and make that buy! The stock market is something you know and you have a strong feeling on this one. Selling that land would get you the cash you need to make that investment. Maybe have some left over for your wife to buy something for the house too!

Oh, you are thinking that your brother won’t want to sell though huh? Have you asked him about it, ever? He may need the cash for something else but was afraid to ask you. If he hasn’t been thinking about it, you may put the thought in his head. He may even want to invest in that stock you want to buy!

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