Monday, August 23, 2010

Sell That Property!

Maybe you’re going through an ugly divorce, somebody in the house has medical issues or you are just relocating for a new job, it doesn’t matter. You need to get some cash together and quick. The two or three yard sales got rid of some stuff but didn’t create the cash you were hoping for, so now what? You need to do something quick, but you’re not sure what.

Remember that acreage that was left to you in an inheritance? You’ve paid the taxes and you’ve paid to keep it maintained. Do you have any plans to use it though? While that tract of property isn’t doing you any good, there are real estate investors out there that are looking to buy property just like that. What’s even better, they are willing to pay cash!

When you sell to a real estate investor, you will avoid the realtor fees and commissions that come from selling the standard way. When you sell to a real estate investor, you get a cash offer right away and a quick closing. There are no property tours by prospective buyers, no dog-n-pony show.

Regardless what type of land you have sitting around unused by you, there are real estate investors out there with cash that want that type of property. Is it hundreds of farming land or just a tract in the city? Maybe you have a suburban plot of property or a lake lot in a development area. These real estate investors won’t care what you have or why you’re selling it.

We are all aware of the economy right now, but believe it or not, there are people out there with cash and they want to spend it. They may be looking to invest their retirement funds in something that will eventually increase in value. Land certainly won’t disappear, so it is a solid investment in the long run.

So sell that property now! Then enjoy the cash that sale generates as well as the ongoing increase of cash by not paying taxes and upkeep anymore! Pack those boxes or pay those bills and start enjoying this new chapter in your life!

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