Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is Selling Your Land Beneficial?

You may have some vacant land sitting around that you can’t use. You may have inherited it or purchased it many years ago with plans to build. So know you’ve decided that you aren’t going to do anything with the land, so know what? You’ve thought about selling it, but are there any benefits to sell this land? Here we offer you some reasons to consider selling:

• You won’t have to pay property taxes any more! Even if you owe back taxes, negotiate the deal so that the buyer is responsible for them.

• If you purchased the land many years ago, there is a chance you may take a loss when you sell it. Don’t despair – this loss can be deducted on your income taxes.

• You’ll no longer have to pay for upkeep of the land such as monthly mowing or property owner association dues.

• If you are tight on cash and fluid on debts, by selling to a real estate investor, you can get the cash without paying realtor fees or commissions. Cash you can use to get your life back on track!

• Another upside to selling to a real estate investor, you won’t be going through a title company. They pay cash and want a quick closing so there are few if any delays. The deal is usually done within weeks.

• By selling to a real estate investor there is no haggling between realtors. You get the offer direct from the investor and make your own decision to accept the offer.

• With a real estate investor the paper work is minimal and the hassles are few. They will do the footwork. All your part is accepting the offer, signing the deed and taking the money!

Yes, times are hard and the economy is weak. However, there are real estate investors out there with cash and they are looking for raw and vacant land to buy. So why sit there on that parcel any longer than you have to? Why keep paying those taxes and upkeep? There are investors out there waiting for land like yours.

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