Sunday, July 25, 2010

You Inherited A Farm!

Well congratulations! What are your plans for that beautiful piece of property? Oh, you inherited it awhile back and haven’t done anything with it? Now you’re unemployed and have a stack of bills that won’t quit growing. Then you get the tax bill for that piece of farmland to add to that stack, not to mention it’s time to pay to have it mowed again.

Have you considered selling that land? The economy is still in a slump and real estate is tougher to sell now than ever before. However, there are buyers out there with cash looking for land just like yours. Regardless if you bought this property or inherited it, that doesn’t matter. You’ve lost your job or have mounting medical bill or going through a divorce, doesn’t matter.

You wanted to sell it long ago and tried putting out ‘For Sale By Owner’ signage, but that didn’t bring you any serious buyers. Most likely they didn’t even offer you fair market price. The classified ads in the local paper just got you phone calls. Did you try a network of real estate investors?

They have cash and you need cash. There’s the answer to your problems, sitting on that parcel of property. Farmland, lake lot, city lot, whatever type of land you have, if you can’t use it and you’re struggling to pay the bills, find a buyer through a network of property investors.

Get rid of the tax burden, get rid of the upkeep burden and get rid of those mounting bills! Turn that farmland into something you can use …. Cash. You have that beautiful piece of property just sitting there doing nothing for you. Even in today’s economic times, there are people our there that want that land and have cash in hand for you. Let those green rolling hills you own roll into green for your bank account!

Take the time to breath in and breath out. You can sell that land and you can find a cash investor. Then your financial worries will fade away and you can begin feeling the relief.

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