Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When You Need To Sell Your House Fast

Most people that market their home for sale on the MLS have got time to kill and are not in a rush to make a sale. This approach doesn’t work for everybody, sometimes you just need to sell your house fast. If you decide to forgo the conventional market you must understand that sticking a sign in the yard and running an ad in the paper won’t make a fast home sale happen. Here we offer some advice on how to sell your house even faster and get that quick sale.

Time to say good-bye for a good buy! Detach your emotions from the house. You need to cut your personal feelings from the house. Say your goodbyes and get busy preparing to sell.

Lighten the load! Now is the perfect time to get rid of the clutter and junk you’ve collected over time. Go through everything and either trash it or donate it.

Pack the personality! Get rid of the personalized effects. Pack away all the personal photographs. You want potential buyers to see themselves in this home and your personal touch keeps it linked to you.

Increase the room sizes! Less furniture makes the rooms bigger. Bigger rooms sell! You may want or need your furniture in your new place, so rent a storage unit for a short time.

Clean till it gleams! Bright and shiny is attractive and sells. Inside and out, clean it, paint it, polish it or replace it. Hiring a professional house cleaner would be a good investment.

Small but effective! Replace door mats and spray room freshener. Clear the kitchen and bathroom counters, empty the dishwasher and trash and put out fresh towels.

Repair or replace it! Cracked tiles and peeling paint are a turn off for potential buyers. Dripping faucets, squeaky or sticky doors and burned out light bulb will turn off buyers!

Outside spruce up sells! Mow, edge and prune. Sweep the side walk, porches and balconies for a quick curb appeal. The outside will invite the buyer to come inside.

View the house as a buyer! Stand outside on the sidewalk and look at your house as if you were buying it. Do you feel welcomed? Once inside do the rooms have an easy flow?

Do a final once over! Take note of the things you noticed while doing your buyer walk thru and then go back through and touch up those things you noticed.

Does all this seem like too much? Sell your house to a network of real estate investors. You can get fast cash for your house without lifting a finger or straightening a picture frame. Going the for sale by owner route is a LOT of work. When you need to sell your house fast, look for the people who buy houses quickly, with no questions asked.

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  1. Terrific insights you got here. It is very difficult to sell a house specially if you are selling it because you need to not that you wanted to. All the memories are already attached in that structure. Many of those who live in Ipswich feels this way when they sell the house quickly.