Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where Do I Turn To Sell My House Quick?

Life has setbacks such as loss of job or health issues. Often times those issues can leave us in financial straits. As money grows tighter, you may find yourself struggling to pay the bills and the mortgage payments start slipping behind. As the stress increases and life becomes less and less enjoyable, you likely believe that you are on a road to foreclosure. If this is what you are thinking; that you are headed to foreclosure, think again.

You can sell your house before foreclosure happens. At this point, you probably don’t have time to sell the typical way with a realtor. You need to sell fast but you don’t know how to go about the process. There are agencies out there that have buyers ready to buy your house for cash and quickly!

Before you decide to go this method and sell quickly, you should understand the difference between selling the typical way through a realtor and selling your house fast. When you sell your house through a realtor, they will set the price. They will have many procedures to follow and the realtors will get a commission on the sale. When you work with cash buyers, you will side step many of those procedures and you will save money in legal fees and commissions. A conventional home sale or listing a property on the MLS with a real estate agency will get a larger amount for the sale, but you will also pay a lot more in fees, closing costs, home repairs and commissions. When you go with the cash buyer and quick sell, you get more of the profit without all of the fees and in a much quicker time frame!

After you have chosen a group of real estate investors or cash buyers to work with, they will send a cash buyer to your home for an evaluation or do a market analysis to calculate a fair cash offer. They will investigate the condition of the home and what a traditional selling price may be. Working with those numbers, they will make you a cash offer. Yes, you will be taking a cut in price, but you are also cutting out extra fees and commissions that come off the top when you sell the traditional way.

Selling your house fast may not be the way you wanted to sell, but it could be the best solution that gets you the money you need to take care of pressing issues and move on with your life.

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