Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sell Your House Fast!

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Selling your house on the traditional real estate market can be overwhelming and time consuming. With economic times as they are right now, many homeowners are finding themselves in financial situations where they need to sell their homes fast and for cash, but they don’t know where to start.

There is help from groups of real estate investors. They will find you buyers and make the process fast, easy and hassle-free. You may wonder how can there be such a group, are they holiday elves or is it magic? You may even ask if it is legal and legitimate. The answers are no to the holiday elves and magic and yes to it being legal and legitimate.

There are many groups of investors offering distress property solutions that can be found online. Find a business that provides quality, honest information about their real estate investor group and isn’t hiding behind gimmicks and slogans like “we buy ugly houses”. Once you have contacted these people here is what you can expect:

A representative of the company will usually contact you within a few days with either a cash offer or to make an appointment to tour the house, taking notes of any repairs needed. You may be required to complete a confidential form with easy questions, but all the other paper work is done by the real estate investor.

Sometimes immediately, they will make you a cash offer. Sometimes it may be a couple of day before you hear from them. If you don’t get an offer immediately, ask them when you can expect to hear from them. They should provide you a timeline and explain the steps.

There are no fees or commissions for you to pay. You should never be placed under any obligation by these investors to sell your home to them before you have entered a written agreement either, walk away from anyone that indicates otherwise.

Once a closing date is set, depending on the State you are in, you can have your house sold in few as 7 days for cash. So now since you no longer have a house payment to worry about or a house to try and sell. You can move on with your life!

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