Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tips for Motivated Sellers for Fast Cash Sales

There can be many reasons for selling a house fast for cash such as a job transfer, a job loss or a divorce. Most times, the people involved are not prepared and have no idea how to go about a quick sale.
The transaction of selling a house fast and for cash doesn’t have to be difficult. We have formed a guideline that can help you sell your house fast if you have found yourself in one of these positions.
First question you need to ask is what should I price it at? The next question will be what is it worth and how do I find that out? You are going have to do some homework to get these answers.
You will need to look at the comparables in your neighborhood. Find the lowest price a house sold for and find the lowest price of current listed houses. You should sell your house lower than either of those houses in order to be aggressive and start getting offers fast.
By using the internet or local phone book you can look up real estate agencies in your area. Tell them you are thinking about putting your house on the market and would like to see comparables for the area. Don’t go to an agency that is more than 2 miles away, stay in your area. Ask them to send at least 10 comparables so that you can see how the market is in your area. They are going to be helpful because you could be their next client, even though you definitely don’t want to list your property with an agent. Such sales are never fast as most take almost a year to make a sale and you lose part of the sale money in commission to the realtor.
Keep in mind to sell your house fast, you are going to have to price it aggressively. Where do you find buyers that make quick decisions on buying and have the ability to do so?
You can drive around your area and in busy intersections find signs on telephone poles that say we buy houses and write the phone number down and give it a call. Or use the internet to find real estate investors that buy houses for cash. In today’s economy and with the high number of real estate scams, it is beneficial to seek out a group of local real estate investors and these investors will make selling your house fast for cash quick and easy.

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