Sunday, November 1, 2009

How To Sell Your House Fast For Cash

You may have come to a time that you need to sell your house fast for cash. The reason for people reaching the point that they need to sell their home for cash can vary. Whether it is due to the loss of a job, job relocation or a separating of the ways between the parties involved, the house has to be liquidated and quickly. This leaves fast seller wondering who is willing to buy a house for cash and just how much can I expect to get from the sale?

First you need to know what your house is worth. This can be determined by a property appraisal, which comes with a fee or you can research home sales in the area. You will want to get the prices for comparables properties that have recently sold in your neighborhood as well as current active listings for homes similar to yours. Try to get as many as ten each comparables and active listings. If you decide to contact a real estate agent for this information, be careful not to let them sway you into letting them sell your house on the traditional market or through the MLS. Most realtors aren’t interested in a speedy sale, only a profitable one.

Once you know what your house is worth, you need to look at your situation realistically and determine just how much you can afford to sell it for without taking too much of a loss. You will need to consider what you owe on the property, the cost of repairs for the buyer and how much you will need to move forward with your own life. Once you have a number in mind, write it down.

The next question is where do you find someone to buy your house fast for cash? You could contact one of those “We Buy Houses” companies that post their signs on street corners and telephone poles. Many similar companies can be found online as well, but basically what you are looking for is a real estate investor or network of investors who are knowledgable and experienced at fast home sales.

Real estate investors are will generally buy your home in its current condition, regardless of repairs. The process is extremely fast because it does not involve the time consuming appraisals, financing, home inspections and purchase agreements of working with a realtor.

Not all real estate investors or real estate investment networks are created equal. Some are just looking to get your house for pennies while others are just fly-by-night companies that are trying to involve you in real estate scams. Take the time to get to know any company before you decide to make your fast cash home sale with them. Visit their website and make sure they have a reputable business operation. Not just sales pitches.

Remember, you want to sell your house fast for cash. Real estate investors are the ones that will have that cash on hand and can get you on your way in a few short weeks. So when you need to sell fast and have cash in hand. Contact a real estate investor network to sell your house.

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