Friday, September 25, 2009

The Benefits of Real Estate Investor Networks

What are they called, double-edged swords? On one side of real estate we have a distressed homeowner that is losing their home to foreclosure and has not only to be concerned with the humiliation of a public auction, but the well-being of their family. On the other side of the sword, we have a first time home buyer or real estate investor that knows distressed properties and potential foreclosures are a good buy, but needs to act cautiously not only when getting involved in the legal aspects of a foreclosure, but when dealing with distressed homeowners on the verge of losing it all. Joining these individuals can be a great benefit to both parties, but accomplishing that goal without disdain can be quite a challenge.

Chances are the distressed homeowner has already been receiving letters and phone calls from their lenders showing little to no sympathy or compassion for what the family is going through. The homeowner may have even received some completely ridiculous offer from a neighbor or friend wanting to help them out of their situation. Meanwhile, potential buyers are eyeballing this opportunity to get a good deal at a great price, but isn’t sure how to approach a distressed homeowner or what type of offer to make for their property.

This is where an experience real estate investor network comes in handy for both parties to make a tragic situation, a win-win for both parties. A quality distressed property solution has concern and a true understanding for the distressed homeowner’s situation, but is objective enough to understand what both buyers and sellers need to have happen to turn the situation into a positive for both parties; a neutral party that knows how the system works and how to make things move quickly and smoothly.

If you are a distressed homeowner who needs a fast out, but feels lost in the emotional rollercoaster of foreclosure then you should seek out an experienced network of real estate investors and cash home buyers in your area who can remain objective and give you an honest cash offer for your home to help stop foreclosure and get your family moving forward.

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